Fuze Branding is a full-service branding agency that specializes in visual identity, websites, copywriting, and photography for small businesses. We work with you to create a comprehensive brand identity – from logos to letterhead, to web design and development, and everything in between. What’s that? You want to know what branding IS exactly, anyway? Glad you asked…

What is branding? (In layman’s terms)

Think of a brand like a person – or better, a blind date. Upon meeting said-brand/blind date (just go with us here), what do you know about them? Nothing! So your first impression is based pretty much solely on their appearance. Yeah, yeah, it may be superficial, but them there’s just the facts of life.

Once you get to know each other better, you learn about what makes them tick – their experiences, their education, their favorite TV shows growing up (that last one is obviously the most important). Sometimes, you find that their looks outpace their personality. Sometimes the other way around. Best case scenario? You like looking at ‘em, and they’re awesome to be around.

Same goes for a brand. It’s not only image OR only substance that makes a company stop people in their tracks. It’s the logo, the tagline, the website, the business card, the content… a dynamic brand has got the full package. Brains AND beauty. Powerful brands have both!


We believe that the design process should be painless (fun even!), that expectations surrounding time, cost, and deliverables should be set up front and stuck to, and that deadlines aren’t just suggestions.

We’ve heard all the horror stories – from friends, colleagues, chatty strangers on the bus – about working with “creatives.” How they didn’t know what to expect or when to expect it, the crazy price tag that came from a custom quote, and the general feeling of “in the dark-ness” that surrounded the project. Not cool.

Small businesses rooted in creative solutions and quality products – businesses like yours! – deserve branding that lives up to their offerings. At Fuze, we combine all four brand ingredients – visual identity, web design, voice, & photography – for a comprehensive, dynamic identity. Because we believe that when you invest in your brand, you empower your business.

checkorange Build brand awareness for your small business
checkorange Gain customer trust with a consistent professional appearance
checkorange Control the perception your customer has of your company
ckeck blue image Attract new clientele with dynamic, user-friendly navigation
ckeck blue image Build excitement around your products or service
ckeck blue image Collect data from your visitors to learn more about your prospective customers
check pink image Spark readers’ interest with engaging content
check pink image Sound as professional as your website looks
check pink image Drive traffic with powerful headlines and irresistible calls of action
check lightblue image Showcase your products and team in the best possible light, literally and figuratively
check lightblue image Reinforce your brand with high quality, professional imagery
check lightblue image Create an emotional connection with your audience