Small Business Rebranding with Big B's

Fuze Branding - Big B's Rebranding - Product Mockup

Big B’s Juice is a family owned and operated company from the beautiful North Fork Valley region of Colorado. Big B’s specializes in farm-to-table juice blends, organic products, hard ciders, and some truly fabulous apple cider vinegar (good for what ails ya!). The apples for their growing product line come straight from their own orchard, […]

Top 7 Creative Moments of 2015


As much as we love planning for an exciting new year at Fuze HQ, we also love looking back over the past year and reliving (re-loving, if you will) some of our favorite creative moments…Both on the job and off! Take a walk down memory lane with us, will you?   No. 1 | Valentine’s […]

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Crafting a unique flyer design for luxury transportation

Unique flyer design for luxury transportation company

Our clients at 512 Transit are expanding their luxury party bus business over in “weird” and wonderful Austin, Texas, and they needed a visually captivating way to introduce potential clients to their fabulous tour services. They wanted a unique flyer design and compelling copywriting that would stand out in the sea of boilerplate handouts and really catch the attention […]

Behind the Brand | The Canine Couch


What does Team Fuze love alllllllmost as much as great design and branding? Puppies. Warm, cuddly, snuggly puppies. So puppies + branding?  Basically, a whole new level of awesome. And that’s exactly the winning combination we got to explore when working with Jacqueline Yedgar, the puppy whispering genius behind The Canine Couch, a specialized training service for […]

Behind the Brand | Simply Workout

We recently did a Brand Reveal and website launch on Instagram with our Fuze Friends Susan and Angie of Simply Workout, a fitness/lifestyle blog, and we thought it would be fun to take a little walk down memory lane and see some of our original concepts for the Simply Workout visual identity. Crafting a unique, show-stopping visual identity […]

Behind the Brand | Sebastian MD


When it comes to developing a brand direction for our clients, we really do take a unique approach with each new project. Every client, and therefore every brand, is different, and we do our best to get to know them at the start of every project. With the husband and wife duo over at Sebastian […]

Fuze Freebie | DIY Disposable Coffee Cup Wrap


So track us on this… Caffeine is a necessity, obviously… Color is also a necessity… Caffeine + Color = Match made in Heaven, amiright? So to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday (and #colorfulcoffeelove), we’ve got a little digital download for you all:   You might even recognize our “Hello Sunshine” design that the lovely ladies […]


Fuze in the Field | Ensenada, Mexico


If you’ve been following us on Instagram lately (…You ARE following us on Instagram, aren’t you?!), you might have noticed that we’ve launched a fun series that we call “Fuze in the Field,” where we take you along with us on our work trips AND our after-hours adventures. Just recently, Team Fuze was invited to […]


Behind the Brand | Taylor Cole


Let’s just get this out of the way, shall we? Taylor Cole is a BLAST to work with. Boom. Said it. In all seriousness, when Taylor approached us to help her put together a visual identity and website that really reflected her effortlessly chic aesthetic and showcased her photography, we were All. Over. It. We […]

Behind the Brand | Artzy Fair


So you know how Team Fuze is a little obsessed with color and pattern?  (Read: A lot obsessed) …Right, well, we definitely had an opportunity to get knee-deep in a visual identity project last year that allowed us to Geek. Out. on crafting bright, engaging color palettes and rich, custom patterns.   Meet Artzy Fair, […]

Behind the Brand | Beer Noggin


Our idea of a fun project? Craft beer + Design. Now, that’s a little slice of paradise, amiright? When Brendan Carroll and Doug Cedrone of Beer Noggin contacted us to work on the branding for their boutique beer taproom in Bronxville, NY, we jumped at the chance to develop a visual identity that perfectly represented their welcoming […]

Behind the Brand | Dandy Pet


When Samantha Shih approached Team Fuze to develop the perfect visual identity for Dandy Pet, a line of handcrafted, elegant accessories for beloved fur-babies… Well, there was really only one answer we could give… And after we got done squealing in excitement, we gave it: YES. (All caps.) After looking at the level of care put into […]

The Small Business Desk | Think Green!


#1. Pana Objects Tofu Stationary Set This desk organizer is made from pure maple, wholly crafted from a single piece of wood. The design is uber minimalist and chic, and we love the Thailand based company’s humble philosophy. Make sure to check out Pana Objects other products, because honestly, everything is swoon-worthy. #2. The Perpetual […]


The Small Business Desk | Weird Science


This week’s post is all about the magical world of science…let’s get weird! #1. I LOVE SCIENCE PENCILS Let’s start this off with the obvious…we love science! These pencils are just a cute little addition to your desk, and we love the pop of orange – a Fuze Branding favorite! #2. NUMBERS CLOCK Being a […]


The Small Business Desk | POP ART

DeskAccessories-Pop Art

It’s that time again! Two posts have gone live on the Fuze blog with some of our picks for the small business desk – the Black & White desk, and the All Natural desk. But we were thinking it was about time for some color, what do you think? This week’s post is inspired by […]


The Small Business Desk | All Natural


In case you missed it, we launched a new series on the blog called The Small Business Desk! The first post was about clean lines and minimalist style – sound like your kind of party? Check out the Black & White post here! This week, we are switching gears and it’s all about Natural inspired […]


The Small Business Desk | BLACK & WHITE


As small business owners, we spend a lot of time at our desks making things happen and generally just being awesome! We are always on the hunt looking for fun and inspiring office supplies to make working more enjoyable; which led us to start this new series on the Fuze blog called the Small Business […]


Top 5 Stock Photos to Avoid for your Business


OH MY! We’ve all come across images like this before haven’t we? It’s totally cringe-worthy and can be an immediate turn-off – but not all stock photography will make you LOL at your computer screen! It can actually be a great resource for professional level photographs for your website. It’s just up to you and […]

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Web Image Bootcamp | Format + Size


40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load WHOA. Well aren’t we impatient human beings? By correctly saving your images you can decrease your load time and keep people on your website. Aren’t sure where to start? Don’t freak out, we got your back!  Today we’re hosting Images Bootcamp* where […]

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Welcome to the Fuze Branding blog


Hello and welcome to the ribbon cutting for the brand spanking new Fuze Branding blog! Let me tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do — FUZE is a full service branding agency that specializes in visual identity, website design, copywriting, and social media for small businesses. We set ourselves […]