Artzy Fair

Texturally rich, colorful branding with a youthful, global feel for a DIY art subscription box service for tweens

Artzy Fair is a DIY art subscription box concept geared towards introducing globally-minded pre-teens to a variety of artistic mediums. The creators behind Artzy Fair wanted to evoke the idea of a multi-cultural fair or festival with bright colors, patterns, and textures, emphasizing the inclusive, explorative vibe of the project.

Inspired by the artistic freedom of Artzy Fair, we crafted a logo design with the smooth, flowing look of hand painted lettering and the youthful touch of a heart in place of the dot over the “I.” The curated brand palette has a rich, saturated feeling that is both refined and still appealing to young girls. A handcrafted vibe is woven through the brand patterns and whimsical icons, creating a visual identity that has layers of interest and texture.

Artistic, Curious, Inclusive, Inspiring, Youthful,

Sherman Oaks, CA

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Fuze Branding exceeded my expectations.  I looked at many design firms, and I found that Fuze Branding was a great fit for my start-up. They are cost effective, yet don’t comprise on design, or client attention.  I found them to be very organized and efficient, for example there were no surprises, or hidden costs, and there were no hiccups with the schedule.  I look forward to working with them again in the future, and would highly recommend them to any new business.