Aww Sam

Sweet branding with layers of custom illustrations and patterns in amped-up pastels for an emoji-loving, baked goods making DIY’er

Content creator Sam Ushiro is rapidly gaining a following for her candy colored, creative confections and Pinterest-worthy DIY projects. Only two things were holding her back from taking her creative business to the next level with major corporate sponsors and collaborations: Her branding and her website.

We created a visual identity for Sam that incorporates an approachable and whimsical logo, bright pastels, and tons of custom illustrations (Emoji Wonderland, anyone?). Custom brand patterns featuring cake layers and confetti were the, ahem, cherry on top. Once Sam’s branding was baked, we whipped up a website with unexpected bits of fun such as the Magic 8 Ball feature and custom categories to organize a growing variety of content.

Bright, Creative, Inspiring, Sweet, Whimsical,

Brooklyn, NY

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