Be The Change

Personable, travel-inspired branding with an inclusive vibe for a service-oriented non-profit offering community-building opportunities across the world

Be the Change is an inspiring non-profit organization offering service-minded leaders the unique opportunity to cultivate meaningful, sustainable growth in communities through international, service-based travel. The Be The Change Team works with enthusiastic travelers to create customized travel opportunities that give help precisely where and how it’s needed, while also introducing participants to new cultures and countries.

With Be the Change’s visual identity, it was important to represent their love of international travel and the warmth, passion, and authenticity that they bring to every community project. The logo design is representative of a passport stamp and incorporates a dove, a well-known symbol for hope and peace. The brand palette is strong and credible with bold navy and bursts of tangerine and deep, sunset orange, which represent the energy and excitement of each project. Subtle doses of texture and hand illustrated, travel-themed iconography round out the rich, global brand.

Adventurous, Friendly, Hardworking, Trustworthy, Warm,

Houston, TX

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I am very excited for the logo and branding package Kim and Fuze Branding have created for our nonprofit. I was surprised at how easy it is to apply the designs to any project at hand. I love the concept and theme created for us; one that we never even considered, but love. Thanks for the great work!