Big B’s Juice

A branding exploration to refine and round out existing brand assets for a family-owned juice and cider company with over thirty years of history

Big B’s Juice is a family-owned and operated company originating in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Colorado. Specializing in creating high quality, farm-fresh products crafted from produce grown in their own orchard, Big B’s has a range of juice blends, hard ciders, and even vinegars.

Big B’s has a powerful reputation and brand recognition in their part of the country. As such, we wanted to provide the company with an update that respected those origins, while still giving the visual identity a fresh look. We performed a keen refinement of the Big B’s logo, which has been around for over 30 years. We also streamlined and refined the brand’s many assets, while incorporating new elements that reinforce the rustic, earthy feeling of the brand’s history.

Fresh, Handcrafted, Rustic, Time-honored, Trustworthy,


Time-honored logo design for Big B's Juice Rustic apple branding illustrations Big B's Juices and Hard Ciders Time-honored rustic business card Time-honored rustic, branding stationery Postcard form Big B's orchard Beautiful orchard landscape painting Rustic, crafted envelope design Rustic juice label design and illustrations Pear, apricot, and cherry apple juice product photography Pear apple juice laying on bag of apples