Cooking Gift Set Co.

Product and lifestyle photography for a DIY wood smoking kit for adventurous foodies

Cooking Gift Set Co is for the backyard warriors, the carnivores, and the Ultimate Grill Gurus; It’s for those that want to take a step into the unknown, to try something extraordinary. There’s something about smoking your own meats that evokes feelings of nostalgia and a sense of pride, and there’s something even more special about sharing those feelings with your loved one.

Our product photography includes unique transparent backgrounds that allow for a clean, professional white backdrop or the flexibility to switch out alternative backgrounds for advertising and marketing campaigns. We capture multiple angles of each aspect of the product and curate the shots that show Cooking Gift Set’s Wood Chip Smoking Kit at its best. Our product photography packages include individual shots, stylized mini group shots, and full group shots with shadows saved on a separate layer for added creative control. Bottom line? We push product photography further, so your products look their best and sell their best too.

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Fuze Branding has been an amazing asset for my company!

As a first time business owner, Fuze really helped our business create a strong and special brand identity. From the logo design to product shots, lifestyle photoshoot, packing, and website creation the process was easy, collaborative, professional, and an all-around great experience. I would recommend Fuze branding to all new and existing businesses looking to create a powerful brand awareness and identity in the market. Highly recommended!