Cooking Gift Set Co.

Branding for a culinary DIY gift kit with an approachable, warm feeling that incorporates rustic textures such as woodgrain and kraft paper, complimentary typography, and charming foodie illustrations

Cooking Gift Set Co. is a thoughtfully curated culinary experience brand that offers easy peasy, DIY cooking kits to adventurous foodies. Their mission is to take the guesswork out of trying new cooking techniques and recipes and bolster your inner chef’s repertoire with a little more fun and a lot more flavor.

For Cooking Gift Set Co.’s visual identity, we wanted to draw upon the very personal nature of putting together a beautiful meal with your own two hands. We chose a homey, warmth-infused brand palette of kraft and chocolate browns with touches of vanilla. The logo is clean and minimalistic with rounded edges that resonate approachability, tying in beautifully with the hand illustrated iconography and handcrafted look of the brand typography.

Approachable, Creative, Encouraging, Gourmand, Warm,

Santa Monica, CA

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