Branding for a patent pending ankle strap solution that has a cheeky, feminine flair and incorporates sweet, friendly hand lettering and custom product illustrations

Ginger Straps is a patent pending, add-on ankle strap that keeps shoes where they belong, firmly on your feet, without sacrificing style. This clever and beautiful fashion solution can be a little tricky to explain, so we were tasked with not only the job of crafting a beautiful brand but also a quick but elegant explanation that instantly conveys value.

We refined the existing Ginger Straps logo, reinforcing the elegant-but-sassy feel of the brand. A monochrome brand palette reads high fashion, but we couldn’t resist injecting a fun bubblegum pink to speak to the ultra-feminine vibe of Ginger Straps. A series of custom illustrations demonstrate the product throughout a range of printed materials, including a beautiful and cost effective packaging solution. We also produced product and lifestyle photography for Ginger Straps, featuring a new spokesmodel, the Ginger Girl.

Affordable, Chic, Feminine, Sassy, Trendy,

Miami, FL

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Thanks to Fuze, I now have the most amazing product shots for GingerStraps.

Although the product is a simple design, there was a need to educate the consumer on how it works, visually. Fuze did a stellar job and I am beyond happy with the results. Thank you!