Mommy Jewelry

Serene lifestyle photography for a high quality, custom jewelry brand

Mommy Jewelry is the originator of concept of personalized jewelry for mothers. With years of experience in creating high quality jewelry pieces, Mommy Jewelry can truly say they’ve mastered the art of making a lasting memory.

For this client, we created a concept that allowed each piece of featured jewelry to standout as the focus point in the shot. We sourced soft, serene botanicals to serve as a fitting prop to the elegant, timeless pieces created by Mommy Jewelry.

Approachable, Personal, Refined, Unique, Warm,

Studio City, CA

Mother wearing dainty charm necklace Pearl earrings resting on leaf branch Mother wearing gold necklace charm 3 necklace charm styles for moms Happy mommy wearing custom necklaces Dainty necklace with subtle engraving Mother’s necklace with children’s names Mothers jewelry line lifestyle photo Monogram pendant necklace charm Custom pendant next to floral