Patented Food Enzyme

Innovative and science-backed food enzyme for reducing oxalates

The product is an innovative dietary supplement that is backed by science and promises to counteract the negative effects of high oxalates in foods, which are known to cause kidney stones and other medical concerns in certain individuals. It was created by a respected food science firm, who has been awarded grants for their rigorous research in the science of this developing area of dietary concern.

The consumer is a health-conscious individual with a predisposition to medical issues caused by high oxalate foods. The market is flooded with unproven, inconsistent supplements, so the consumer is especially conscious of the difference in health products that seem “too good to be true” and those that are backed by provable science and seem trustworthy.

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I had and continue to have an absolutely excellent experience with Kim and the team at Fuze Branding!

They are creative, attentive, professional, and the work is always timely and amazingly beautiful. Kim really made my brand come to life before my eyes, and Laura developed a name that will stick and last. They have a great process and are a joy to work with!

I continue working with Fuze and brag about their work every chance I get