Brand Photography

We know your products are great. Let's make sure they look that way too.

With our Photography Packages, you’ll...

  • Sell your product without saying a single word.
  • Stop looking like an amateur with unprofessional photography. High quality product photography builds credibility and trust.
  • Choose curated stock photography, traditional product shots or lifestyle photography that connects with your customer’s lifestyle.
  • Stock up on photography for growing your social media presence, building your website, and taking your ad campaigns to the next level.

We understand small businesses because we are one.

We’ve worked with over 100 small businesses

And a few of the corporate bigwigs as well. But at the end of the day, our favorite people to work with are the crazy passionate small business owners. And we’re dedicated to helping them look just as big and badass as the corporate competition.

Strategy first, design second

We’ve got three words for you… Return. On. Investment. After all, you’re not just doing this for fun, are you? Strategy is at the heart of every brand we create and every project we tackle. We identify your unique brand value, and we design solutions that are powerful and memorable.

We take the headache out of the creative process

We’re kind of a mythical breed of creatives: Type A and totally into the business side of things. Our process is straightforward and efficient with zero surprise costs and easy, flat rate pricing. Best of all, we deliver on time. You’ll know what and when to expect as we guide you from start to finish.

We've got the proof right here.

Brand Photography

Flat Rate Packages

Select the package that best suits your business needs.

Curated Stock Photograpy


Product Photography


Lifestyle Photography


Best For: service based businesses that don’t need to show an actual product.

Best For: businesses who need high quality & professional photographs of their products.

Best For: taking your marketing to the next level.

Stock Photos OR Custom Photos

General stock photos are high-resolution images that are sourced from stock sources such as Shutterstock or Custom photos are images taken especially for you for a specific use and project.


Full Commercial License on Photos

An unlimited commercial license gives you the right to use your photos in any capacity, scale, or market.


Number of Final Photos

The number of final shots delivered upon completion of your project


Shot List & Visual Art Direction

A listing of intended shots with props, backgrounds, and context along with a summary of the style intended for the overall shoot

Seamless Backdrop

A solid floor to ceiling backdrop that creates a professional, clean background for your product or model


Professional Photographer

An experienced professional with extensive background in creating high quality imagery for a variety of uses

Day of Photo Assistant / Stylist

Experienced in creating and executing scenes from a shot list while considering lighting and other technical aspects of photography

Prop/Wardrobe Sourcing*

Creating or selecting set pieces or clothing items to meet the developed shot list. Please note, the cost of materials is additional and will be invoiced with accompanying receipts.

Model Casting*

Sourcing and vetting professional models who would most appeal to your target audience. Please note, models are charged additionally at their day rate.

Location / Set Scouting*

Identifying shooting locations for specific needs, particularly in lifestyle photography. Please note, any additional cost for location rental will be invoiced separately.

Professional Retouching

Includes tonal correction, tonal enhancements and minor retouching, such as wrinkle reduction, artifact removal, etc.

Final Delivery: Low Resolution (Web)

Images are prepped for the best results and easy uploading on your website or social media.

Final Delivery: High Resolution (Print)

Images are prepped for the best results in professional printing.

Final Delivery: Stock Photography Library

Your curated selection of stock images are saved and organized for easy reference and purchase.

* Please note special information regarding these services.







Need More? Contact us for Add-On Options.


Common Questions

I’m ready to get started. Now what?

Shoot us a note through our contact form or go old school with an email to We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

How does payment work?

We like to keep it simple. You’ll make a 50% down payment on your project total to secure your booking and get the creative started. The remaining 50% is due upon project completion. Our online invoicing system is easy and secure and we accept all major credit cards, debit cards and e-check.

What is a revision round?

We consider a revision round to be any single list of constructive feedback, revisions, or changes following a presentation. Each package includes the standard number of revisions that we’ve found to be effective in delivering a great product to our clients. In the rare case that you might want additional revision rounds, we’ll ask if you’d like to add it to your project invoice at a prorated rate.

Which package should I choose?

Every business is different and has different needs. Not quite sure which features you absolutely need and where you can get the best bang for your buck? Give us a shout at We’re straight shooters. We’ll work with you to figure out the package that will meet your needs and gives you the best return on investment.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

If you decide you want to upgrade your package before we begin, we can always update your invoice. Once we get started, we’ll have to complete the package that you’ve chosen. Pro tip: We always add in extra value in the next-level package, so if you think you’re going to want more concepts or pitches in the long run, it’s better to choose the larger package rather than pro-rating additional rounds at the end.

What will be expected of me as a client?

We’ll bring the guac. You bring the booze. Most importantly, we expect our clients to stay in communication with us. Constructive and timely criticism keeps the ball moving towards the endzone.

What our clients have to say...




The team at Fuze Branding is a creative force to be reckoned with!

Kim + crew have brought their incredible talent into my life on a handful of styling and photography projects, as well as pulling off some serious magic on my headshots. They put so much thought into every single tiny detail of planning every shoot (and not just that going-through-the-motions kind of thought you see with some cookie cutter photographers, but real deal “HOW THE HECK DID THEY COME UP WITH THAT” thought), take major care and time to make sure everything is just right, and then make both human and inanimate subjects look like they popped straight out of a super hip magazine through stunning styling, lighting, editing.

They’re also really fun to be around, so even if the thought of getting your photo taken makes you want to crawl under a rock because you think your smile is weird, or your product seems like it just doesn’t shine, you’ll forget your fears pronto as soon as Kim walks in the room and makes you laugh.

Check out their gorgeous work, hire them as fast as you can, and cry happy tears at the results (you can thank me later)!



Fuze Branding has been an amazing asset for my company!

As a first time business owner, Fuze really helped our business create a strong and special brand identity. From the logo design to product shots, lifestyle photoshoot, packing, and website creation the process was easy, collaborative, professional, and an all-around great experience. I would recommend Fuze branding to all new and existing businesses looking to create a powerful brand awareness and identity in the market. Highly recommended!



The team at Fuze branding did a amazing job shooting our suits on three of our clients.

They coordinated the space rental, photographer, props, etc to pull together a great shoot that was extremely time efficient.

We had never done a professional photo-shoot and I was a little nervous, but the team at Fuze branding honestly made the day go so smooth it changed my view on photo-shoots. We look forward to working with the team at Fuze on our next photoshoot!



Thanks to Fuze, I now have the most amazing product shots for GingerStraps.

Although the product is a simple design, there was a need to educate the consumer on how it works, visually. Fuze did a stellar job and I am beyond happy with the results. Thank you!

Bad photography is bad for business. Drop that selfie stick and get legit.