Company Naming

Secure a solid name that is memorable, iconic, and oh yeah, available.

With our Company Naming Packages, you’ll...

  • Give your business the best first impression possible. (After all, you only get one)
  • Choose your perfect name from a list of pre-vetted options that are trademarkable, available for url and social media.
  • Avoid a potential legal or PR nightmare from infringing on another trademark or using a name with an ugly underbelly.
  • Focus on building your brand instead of brainstorming for the perfect, available name. Your friends called. You're driving them crazy.

We understand small businesses because we are one.

We’ve worked with over 100 small businesses

And a few of the corporate bigwigs as well. But at the end of the day, our favorite people to work with are the crazy passionate small business owners. And we’re dedicated to helping them look just as big and badass as the corporate competition.

Strategy first, design second

We’ve got three words for you… Return. On. Investment. After all, you’re not just doing this for fun, are you? Strategy is at the heart of every brand we create and every project we tackle. We identify your unique brand value, and we design solutions that are powerful and memorable.

We take the headache out of the creative process

We’re kind of a mythical breed of creatives: Type A and totally into the business side of things. Our process is straightforward and efficient with zero surprise costs and easy, flat rate pricing. Best of all, we deliver on time. You’ll know what and when to expect as we guide you from start to finish.

We've got the proof right here.

Company Naming

Flat Rate Packages

Select the package that best suits your business needs.

Basic Company Naming


Standard Company Naming


Deluxe Company Naming


Best For: comparing alternative options to your existing name list. Total 15 Names.

Best For: when you’re starting with little to no name options. Total 30 Names.

Best For: if you want to see some extra options. Total 45 Names.

Evaluate & Analyze Questionnaire

Our questionnaire captures the complete picture of your business goals, brand values, and preferences when it comes to design.

Identify Brand Values & Target Audience

Using your questionnaire, we identify and refine the values and practices that make you unique to create a one page summary that encapsulates your business.

Initial Company Name Pitches

The first round of name pitches which explore a variety of naming styles and storytelling potential, used to further hone your style preferences


2 Revision Rounds Based on Feedback

Feedback is a constructive, thoughtful list of responses or changes that will drive the project forward in the next round.

+10 NAMES | + 10 NAMES
+15 NAMES | +15 NAMES

Vetted for Domain & Social Availability

Each name pitch is subjected to a preliminary check for potential website domain names and social media handle options.

Cross Checked on Trademark Database

Each name pitch is researched through the US Patents & Trademarks database for availability, however, trademarks are subject to final approval by the US government.

Name Evaluation Sheet

A Fuze-exclusive evaluation sheet that will guide you through evaluating your top picks from each presentation of names based on a variety of criteria

Final Delivery: Approved Name Checklist

Approved Name Checklist – A Fuze-exclusive checklist that will provide next steps for securing your new name across multiple platforms

* Please note special information regarding these services.







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Common Questions

I’m ready to get started. Now what?

Shoot us a note through our contact form or go old school with an email to We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

How does payment work?

We like to keep it simple. You’ll make a 50% down payment on your project total to secure your booking and get the creative started. The remaining 50% is due upon project completion. Our online invoicing system is easy and secure and we accept all major credit cards, debit cards and e-check.

What is a revision round?

We consider a revision round to be any single list of constructive feedback, revisions, or changes following a presentation. Each package includes the standard number of revisions that we’ve found to be effective in delivering a great product to our clients. In the rare case that you might want additional revision rounds, we’ll ask if you’d like to add it to your project invoice at a prorated rate.

Which package should I choose?

Every business is different and has different needs. Not quite sure which features you absolutely need and where you can get the best bang for your buck? Give us a shout at We’re straight shooters. We’ll work with you to figure out the package that will meet your needs and gives you the best return on investment.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

If you decide you want to upgrade your package before we begin, we can always update your invoice. Once we get started, we’ll have to complete the package that you’ve chosen. Pro tip: We always add in extra value in the next-level package, so if you think you’re going to want more concepts or pitches in the long run, it’s better to choose the larger package rather than pro-rating additional rounds at the end.

What will be expected of me as a client?

We’ll bring the guac. You bring the booze. Most importantly, we expect our clients to stay in communication with us. Constructive and timely criticism keeps the ball moving towards the endzone.

What our clients have to say...




I highly recommend Fuze Branding – they developed my brand name, logo and brand visuals and hit the nail on the head with every single one of them. It was a fun process and I’m so pleased with how everything turned out in the end. Kim and Laura were professional, organized, kept to the schedule and always identified a timeline which was so helpful. Kim is incredibly creative and a true expert in her field. Fuze Branding does beautiful work and is such a pleasure to work with, you won’t be disappointed!



I had and continue to have an absolutely excellent experience with Kim and the team at Fuze Branding!

They are creative, attentive, professional, and the work is always timely and amazingly beautiful. Kim really made my brand come to life before my eyes, and Laura developed a name that will stick and last. They have a great process and are a joy to work with!

I continue working with Fuze and brag about their work every chance I get



Fuze was a great experience for me when it came to helping me with my start up companys name development.

This company is very professional in the way they go about handling their business. I was not only given many choices with my name development, but each name came with a paragraph of the meaning behind the name.

I could not think of a better company to partner with. I have other companies I intend on opening in the next few years, and I already know this company will be the one I put my trust in.



I was looking to combine my abstract art and plant-based raw food under one name.

The Fuze team came up with the perfect name and branding. Being an artist and having a particular style in mind Kim and her team surpassed what I could have even dreamed!

Thank you Fuze Branding !

Your business name is forever. Make sure it's the right choice.