Visual Brand Identity

Every design choice communicates a message. Do you know what your business is saying?

With our Visual Identity Packages, you’ll...

  • Stop looking unprofessional and add value and credibility to your product or service.
  • Gain a power-packed toolkit of unique brand assets that visually communicate what you want your brand to say.
  • Focus on what you do best, and let your investment in branding produce the results your business needs.
  • Stop chasing a pack of freelancers, spending a lot of time (and money!), and still not getting the results you need.

We understand small businesses because we are one.

We’ve worked with over 100 small businesses

And a few of the corporate bigwigs as well. But at the end of the day, our favorite people to work with are the crazy passionate small business owners. And we’re dedicated to helping them look just as big and badass as the corporate competition.

Strategy first, design second

We’ve got three words for you… Return. On. Investment. After all, you’re not just doing this for fun, are you? Strategy is at the heart of every brand we create and every project we tackle. We identify your unique brand value, and we design solutions that are powerful and memorable.

We take the headache out of the creative process

We’re kind of a mythical breed of creatives: Type A and totally into the business side of things. Our process is straightforward and efficient with zero surprise costs and easy, flat rate pricing. Best of all, we deliver on time. You’ll know what and when to expect as we guide you from start to finish.

We've got the proof right here.

Visual Brand Identity

Flat Rate Packages

Select the package that best suits your business needs.

Custom Logo Design


Visual Identity Toolbox


Visual Identity Deluxe Suite


Best For: small businesses with a limited budget, but want a timeless professional logo.

Best For: businesses who want build a solid brand foundation that sets them apart.

Best For: hitting the ground running with extra branded assets.

Evaluate & Analyze Questionnaire

Our questionnaire captures the complete picture of your business goals, brand values, and preferences when it comes to design.

Custom Logo Design

A great custom logo design is distinct, memorable, and represents your business and values. It is a distilled drop of your brand personality.


2 Revision Rounds on Logo from Feedback

Feedback is a constructive, thoughtful list of responses or changes that will drive the project forward in the next round.


Brand Color Palette & Percentage

A curated palette of colors chosen to reflect your brand’s attitude and resonate with a target audience by utilizing the psychology of color

Brand Font Family & Font Files

A curated family of typography styles and accompanying commercial licenses which you can download to your computer for future use

Brand Iconography/Illustration Style

Custom style of illustration or iconography that will reinforce the personality and aesthetic of your branding. Refers to any graphic element that is not photography

Brand Pattern/Textures

Unique, complimentary patterns or textural elements that will add depth and interest to your brand collateral

Curated Stock Photography Library

A collection of commercial stock photography ready for marketing and advertising

2 Revision Rounds on Branding Phase

Feedback is a constructive, thoughtful list of responses or changes that will drive the project forward in the next round

Letter, Envelope, & Business Card Design

Custom, branded design files for stationery that are prepared for high quality, professional printing

Branded Social Media Headers

Professional, branded images that are ready for upload as social media profile pictures and header images.

Social Media Post Templates

Updatable, branded post templates, such as an image with text overlay, for ongoing use in your social media marketing campaigns

2 Revision Rounds on Brand Collateral Phase

Feedback is a constructive, thoughtful list of responses or changes that will drive the project forward in the next round.

Brand Summary Page & Guidebook

A one-page overview of your branding style for quick reference and an in-depth guidebook of rules for using your new visual identity going forward. Adhering to your brand guide ensures that your brand remains strong and cohesive.

Final Delivery: 5 File Formats of Assets

For each design file, you will be provided with 5 different file formats to suit a variety of needs from print to web and a description of when and how to use them.

Marketing Postcard Design

Your postcard design could be a sales brochure, how-it-works, thank you card, packaging insert, etc. You choose what is most useful to your business.

3 Piece Packaging Design

Choose a custom combination of label design, belly band design, or box design







Need More? Contact us for Add-On Options.


Common Questions

I’m ready to get started.Now what?

Shoot us a note through our contact form or go old school with an email to We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

How does payment work?

We like to keep it simple. You’ll make a 50% down payment on your project total to secure your booking and get the creative started. The remaining 50% is due upon project completion. Our online invoicing system is easy and secure and we accept all major credit cards, debit cards and e-check.

What is a revision round?

We consider a revision round to be any single list of constructive feedback, revisions, or changes following a presentation. Each package includes the standard number of revisions that we’ve found to be effective in delivering a great product to our clients. In the rare case that you might want additional revision rounds, we’ll ask if you’d like to add it to your project invoice at a prorated rate.

Which package should I choose?

Every business is different and has different needs. Not quite sure which features you absolutely need and where you can get the best bang for your buck? Give us a shout at We’re straight shooters. We’ll work with you to figure out the package that will meet your needs and gives you the best return on investment.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

If you decide you want to upgrade your package before we begin, we can always update your invoice. Once we get started, we’ll have to complete the package that you’ve chosen. Pro tip: We always add in extra value in the next-level package, so if you think you’re going to want more concepts or pitches in the long run, it’s better to choose the larger package rather than pro-rating additional rounds at the end.

What will be expected of me as a client?

We’ll bring the guac. You bring the booze. Most importantly, we expect our clients to stay in communication with us. Constructive and timely criticism keeps the ball moving towards the endzone.

What our clients have to say...




Kim and her team are amazing! We hired them to rebrand our Hotel logo and sub-brands. Our project was tricky since our family business is almost 50 years old with great amount of history and is located in Mexico. Kim and Laura are so nice to work with, they made sure our history was maintained while updating our whole image from the website to paper, and anything the client sees. They did an amazing job at studying the market and tailoring our rebranding needs towards our national, and international clients. Due to delays in renovation, we’ve held the whole rebranding book, but we cannot wait to show the world the amazing work Kim & Laura did for us!

It was so important for us to hire someone young, fresh, experienced and personable. They visited our hotel in Mexico to get a good feel for who we are and spent time with our family. They are so much fun to be around and to work with. We highly recommend them and would use their services again.

Thank you so much ladies for being so awesome!



We hired Fuze to brand our online travel magazine before we launched and could not have been happier with the process and the results. Kim and Laura were enthusiastic about working with us, and they took the time to understand what we wanted and needed both now and down the road. Working with Kim as we moved into the actual design phases was an absolute pleasure.

In addition to being incredibly talented, she listened to us, was honest with us about what did and didn’t work, and created a visual identity that perfectly matched our editorial identity.



I LOVE FUZE!!!!!!! I will never, ever work with anyone else. (As long as they’ll have me!) Fuze was able to take my vision and turn it into a total, complete digital orgasm.

Before, I had a bit of brand shame—even after ten years of being in business! But Fuze came in and was able to give me the brand I always hoped to have—and our sales are already (wildly) reflecting that. Not only are they design and branding geniuses, but they’re also prompt, professional and zero BS. I’ve never had a more pleasant experience, working with an agency, and I will never, ever hire anyone else again. Rooting this team on all the way!



My experience with the Fuze Branding team has been fantastic. Kim was so patient and really took the time to understand every nuance of my company brand. She brought it to LIFE and gave it a personality that will not only stand the test of time, but will make it stand out among the rest. I am truly grateful to her and am looking forward to working with her and the team again.



I am very excited for the logo and branding package Kim and Fuze Branding have created for our nonprofit. I was surprised at how easy it is to apply the designs to any project at hand. I love the concept and theme created for us; one that we never even considered, but love. Thanks for the great work!



I would highly recommend Fuze Branding to anyone who needs help with designing their brand.

I chose to work with Kim and the team because I could tell that their process would help refine what my brand is really about. I was not disappointed! Rather than just pulling together some colors and fonts that simply look good, Kim thoughtfully curated the foundations for my brand to convey what working with my company will feel like… from my logo to my social media accounts, my branding is both emotional and beautiful.

Professional, prompt, communicative and plain FUN, I know the Fuze Branding team will be taking care of my company’s design needs for a long time to come



Far away from southern Cali, at Helium Studio, our one-year-old artist market here in southeast Michigan, we continue to receive support from Fuze Branding.

Fuze was “present at the birth of our baby,” you could say, as they developed our look and feel, from logos to signage and, eventually, merchandise design. Even now, Fuze will Insta one of our tee designs, or otherwise spread the love about our shop.

I am about to ask them to help us take another step in merchandising our gear by designing us a cool hangtag. Can’t wait to see what they come up with! Our partnership with Fuze is a dear one. Thanks, Kim, Laura and team!



Fuze Branding renewed my brand and made my vision for my company a reality! Kim and Laura are an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only are they professional but they are extremely detailed oriented.

I came to them after being burned by other “so-called” branding companies.

The other companies gave me a mediocre product but Fuze worked extensively with me to make sure my vision was expressed in my brand. As a small business owner, you MUST invest in the experts.

There a lot of branding companies out there but very few that deliver like Fuze. Kim and Laura walked me through every step of the process and delivered above and beyond my expectations.

I plan to use them again as my business continues to grow. I highly recommend them!



We gave Fuze a blank slate for logo creation and Kim delivered a wonderful one right on schedule!

It was all we hoped for out of the project, and Kim is very talented.

She was also very helpful in the branding and color scheme, and offered her assistance in many areas that are extremely cost effective and beneficial to those on a tight schedule and budget. We could not offer higher praise for Fuze Branding!



I had an excellent experience with Kim at Fuze Branding!

Because I am not at all in the world of marketing and design, I came in with no idea of how to even take the first step in brand creation. Kim guided me with information and suggestions while still allowing me to make my own choices. The result was a brand that reflects my personality as well as the work I do. She was responsive and professional without fail.

Are you sure your visual branding is sending the right message?