Mindful Food & Art Studio

Professional artist with a passion for raw food and lifestyle blogging

The client is a professional abstract artist who also works as a raw food chef and lifestyle consultant. She wants to combine her love of mindful living and art with creative and healthy raw vegan meals.

The audience is interested in holistic living and incorporating creative lifestyle changes into their daily life. He or she believes that personal environment directly impacts quality of life and that thoughtfully curating elements in your home can affect a positive change in your mood and health. Creative meals, deep conversations, and thought provoking daily rituals appeal to this audience.

Creative, Foodie, Heathful, Open, Spiritual,

Marina Del Ray, CA

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I was looking to combine my abstract art and plant-based raw food under one name.

The Fuze team came up with the perfect name and branding. Being an artist and having a particular style in mind Kim and her team surpassed what I could have even dreamed!

Thank you Fuze Branding !